New SAGE Discipline Hubs

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SAGE are proud to announce the launch of our new Discipline Hubs! The Hubs offer a simple, user-friendly experience that display the breadth of our publishing in one place - encouraging researchers, librarians, and authors to find and explore content. Driven by SEO and post-launch marketing, these Hubs will increase discoverability within our website, effectively encouraging and increasing usage across related journals.

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Discipline Hub Benefits

The Hubs focus on providing value for the end-user and offer a bridge across our journals, books and digital products and services, and as such expose researchers, academics, librarians, and practitioners to all of our offerings that they may not have been aware of in their discipline area.

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We continue to pride ourselves on technical web innovation and the Hubs represent the desire to better display the wide range of content we have to offer. Content displayed on the Hubs will receive promotion and exposure across multiple countries, institutions and societies, capturing new and existing audiences, markets, and engaging prospective researchers and authors.

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The First of Many

The SAGE Religion Hub, launched in July, will be the first of 17 discipline hubs to be developed throughout the course of the year, ensuring that this initiative spans across our entire HSS and STM discipline portfolio.

The SAGE Religion Hub features some of the world's most prestigious books and journals, encompassing high quality research on a wide range of topics, from biblical studies, theology and mission studies to ethics, psychology, and education.

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Stay up-to-date with NEW Discipline Hub releases

With 17 new hubs in the making, be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest releases by checking into our Discipline Hub webpage -