SAGE trials Code Ocean to improve research reproducibility

By Heather Estop, SAGE Publishing.

Code has become an integral part of the scientific publishing process, but what happens to it once an article is published? The answer is often “not much.” This is a problem for reproducibility: it can be impossible to replicate a study if you can’t run it in the same way as the original.

In an effort to address this issue, SAGE has partnered with Code Ocean, an online computational platform that enables authors to publish and share the code associated with their research articles. Over a six month trial period, our readers will be able to view the code associated with articles across some of our journals, via a link from the article page. 

So what are the benefits to researchers? 

By preserving the code and data used in a study, Code Ocean allows anyone to reproduce results directly from published research with a single click. That’s because Code Ocean isn’t just a static platform—it lets you run and modify the code directly in your browser. No software downloads are needed.

We’re excited about the benefit to the research community; authors receive a DOI for their code, allowing it to be independently cited along with their article, increasing its impact.  

Keep an eye on these journals to watch Code Ocean in action: