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Advance and Preprints: A Year One Retrospective

August 31st marks the one year anniversary of Advance: a SAGE preprints community and, since the day we launched, preprints have continued to see tremendous growth across the scholarly community. Growth, not just in sheer volume of posted preprints, but also in the understanding of the benefits preprints can have in the scholarly community.

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Communication between organelles gives cells a breath of fresh air

The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) forms an interconnected network of tubules and has several crucial roles in cells. These include the folding and maturation of proteins, the formation of lipids (fats), the orchestrating of biological activities and the trafficking of small solutes and other compounds necessary for cellular processes. To perform its functions, the ER must communicate with all other organelles; the tiny cellular structures that perform specific functions within a cell.

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Sex-typed chores and the city: What does urbanicity have to do with chores?

How does place structure the gendered division of household labor? Because people’s living spaces and lifestyles differ dramatically across urban, suburban, and rural areas, it follows that time spent on household chores may vary across places. In cities, for example, many households do not have vehicles or lawns, and housing units tend to be relatively small. Urban men’s and women’s time use therefore provides insight into how partners contribute to household chores when there is less structural demand for the types of tasks they typically do

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